DCMP: Database of Cancer Mutant Protein Domains

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Citation details: Emerson, I.A., Chitluri, K.K. DCMP: database of cancer mutant protein domains. Database (2021) Vol. 2021: article ID baab066; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/database/baab066

Cancers are a large family of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Analyses of well-studied cancers, such as colorectal cancer and retinoblastoma, have suggested that only three or fewer mutations are sufficient for cancer initiation. Group efforts are taken from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), and Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (COSMIC) were made possible to have thousands of cancer genome sequences. In recent years, the genetic landscapes of mutations have been revealed in several cancer types. However, this gene-based approach usually does not consider mutation position within the gene or provide the functional context of that mutation. This study determines the significantly mutated domains (SMDs) among different cancers from the human proteome. Somatic mutations were mapped to the protein domains, and the SMDs were selected using statistical methods.

The database facilitates users to explore mutated protein domains for different cancer types, and it consists of the following three primary menus: domain genomic positions, SMDs and mutated domains.

1. Domain Genomic Positions: The first menu display the chromosome positions for any given protein domain with references to the ensemble.
2. Significantly Mutated Domains: The second menu illustrates the top 10 SMDs with references to the Pfam database.
3. Mutated Domains: The last menu provides a complete list of mutated protein domains for any cancer type.

Instruction manual: This manual provides instructions or guidelines on how to perform database searches.

Percentage of mutations mapped to the protein domains.

Cancer Types Mutated domains Mapped Percentage(%) Cancer Types Mutated domains Mapped Percentage(%)
Adrenal 1322 55.39 Lung 5190 50.80
Biliary 3377 49.07 Oesophagus 4423 49.71
Bone 2594 49.67 Ovary 3402 52.34
Brain 3791 51.58 Pancreas 3771 53.40
Breast 4901 49.15 Prostate 4286 48.52
Cervix 3280 46.74 Skin 5217 49.25
Endometrium 4952 49.53 Stomach 4822 49.81
Eye 209 65.99 Testis 198 56.65
Kidney 4117 50.40 Thyroid 4195 47.35
Large Intestine 5327 49.84 Urinary 4714 48.54
Liver 5093 47.78